Few buildings are as challenging to maintain as educational facilities – particularly when it comes to floor care. Learn how we can help your organization develop and implement a strategic floor care program.

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Making the Grade:
A+ Tips for Low Cost Floor Care

The summer provides a small window of time to perform necessary floor stripping and refinishing in schools. Learn which factors contribute to the total cost of ownership (TCO) for floors, and which solutions reduce costs by improving productivity, maintaining sustainability and reducing worker strain.

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Video: Top 10 Reasons to Get a TASKI Machine

ProSpeed & TrailBlazer Floor Finish Applicator System Intro

ProSpeed & TrailBlazer Floor Finish Applicator System Benefits

TASKI Swingo 855 versus
the Competition

TASKI Sustainability Benefits
  On average, one string mop head requires five gallons of water for rinsing, and leaves behind one fourth gallon of finish
  It takes 122 minutes to clean a 4,700 square-foot basketball court with a mop and bucket but only 12 minutes with a TASKI Swingo 1850 and five minutes with a Swingo 4000
  TrailBlazer™ floor finish, ideal for areas greater than 2,000 square feet, can apply floor finish at a rate of 20,000 square feet per hour compared to a mop and bucket system, which can only accomplish 1,660 square feet per hour
  ProSpeed™ applicator, ideal for areas under 2,000 square feet, applies finish three times faster than mop and bucket systems
  TASKI auto scrubbers reduce energy use by 30 percent and cleaning solution by 40 percent compared to conventional auto scrubbers
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